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Sept Haircut Appointment Booked

                                                                  Will This Be Mrs Mac's hair fate in Sept?

Welcome back to The Pixie Revolution,

As planned I have an announcement to make on Mrs. Mac's next haircut appointment.
 As you know Mrs. Mac's last haircut was July 5th, she also got her hair highlighted bleached blonde.

Normally Mrs. Mac book's her next appointment while she's there at the end of her appointment
but sometime's if it is a late appointment ( like after 8pm) The stylist doesnt have access to the computer to check what's open.  For some reason they dont keep books anymore.
This has happened several times to us.
Normally when this happens my wife calls the next day and books her next appointment.

For some reason she didnt this time as we've been busy with alot of summer stuff with our family,
and issues with a leak in our home that took place in late June that has caused all kinds of repair issues that have lasted all summer and has preoccupied us.
But anyway you all didnt come here to read about pipe leaks and home repair.
Mrs. Mac called this week and got her appointment for Sept 5th.  Exactly 2 months to the date of her last cut.
There has been times when she has gone this long without a trim/cut, It has happened at least several times in the past few years, but normally if it happens my wife is trying to grow her hair out somewhat or is about to try a new style and wants a little extra growth or at the 5 week mark likes the way her hair looks still and calls and pushes the appointment back a few weeks from 6 to 8 weeks.

So that's where we are at right now.
Now onto what your all wondering..
What will Mrs. Mac have done to her hair?

As it stands right now I dont think Mrs. Mac will be getting any more blonde highlights, nor do I think she would be getting an all platnium bleach job.
I know she told me she wanted "more blonde" after she got the highlights in July.
She has also gotten quite a few compliments out and about on her current cut and color.
The reason I can say I dont think she will be getting any more highlights or get it bleached more for the next appointment is she would have had to tell the stylist when she booked the appointment that she wanted it colored, so the stylist can leave open enough time to do coloring.

Now that's not to say Mrs. Mac wont get coloring done at another time or for the following Fall cut.
Mrs. Mac tends to do highlights in summer, but also in fall and winter to  give her a pick me up as she like's to say during the drab dreary days of fall and winter.

The color still looks great. The top is as blonde as ever, and the back strands from the crown are growing down nicely. I would like to see her back colored, so that the longer strands from the top had more blonde  but it's meshing in with the dark blonde/light brown natural colored nape pretty nicely.
I think my thoughts are when she gets the back rebuzzed if we are going to go with what " I would like" having a contrast of longer blonde strands with darker nape would look best.

So what is going on with Mrs. Mac's actual haircut?
Mrs. Mac reads this blog and reads all your comments and likes looking at the pics of pixie cut that I put up.
When her appointment approaches and the end of August comes that's when the hair talk will get hot and heavy as it often does as an appointment approaches.

We have talked about what she is going to have done, just not long conversations yet.
My wife is open to getting a sidebuzz again, but is really concerned that if she brings pics with her of sidebuzz pics the stylist will mess her cut up somehow or butcher it. She is a little scarred from the sidebuzz she got in March where she thought it looked like a Nike logo Swoosh. Both sides were buzzed to a short #3 and a set shelf line was cut on the sides. For the March cut Mrs. Mac used alot of Ginnfer Goodwin pics and a few random sidebuzzed pics and we both agreed it didnt turn out the way we liked
Several pics Mrs. Mac actually used for the sidebuzz

Here is a few pics about 2 weeks after Mrs. Mac got her sidebuzzed undercut
Sorry I dont have more pics. We both never got around to doing a photoshoot, My wife took these on her cell phone though.

Below: March 2012 sidecut pics

It looked pretty good, just not exactly what either one of us envisoned when we used the reference pics. You can kinda see the Nike swoosh shape in these pics.
That is when we both agree we werent c razy about it and questioned if she should ever get it sidebuzzed again.
Here are some of the problems with this whole sidebuzz undercut deal.
My wife wouldnt and doesnt want a side buzz on one side only and is not sure if she would want a sidebuzz unless she could cover it a little. Here's 2 reasons why:
1.  She wants to be able to comb it to either side and change her part like she can do now with this cut.
2. She is not sure if she would get in trouble at work for having one side buzzed short say a #2 and it being completly exposed, like so many pics do show with the side buzzed pixies.
She had no problem in March at work with the undercut buzzed sides.
Both sides were buzzed but it was undercut. Problem? When it's undercut it's going to create the dreaded Nike Swoosh  shelf line

So if she is going to go with a side buzz it would have to be very specific and not have a shelf line.
Here's a few pics that I showed her that she is open to trying. Of course as the appointment approaches she could say she aint getting it at all lol.

   Below: Here is some Potential Sidebuzz ideas for Mrs. Mac...

Picture below: One of my favorite back nape shots Would love to see Mrs Mac with this

Now try to envison above pics incorporated with my wife's current cut reference pics below

 Here are a few never before seen pics taken with our crappy camera from her July cut:

Can you envison the sidebuzz undercut like I can?

Mrs Mac really liked the Pink pics she used for reference for the July haircut, and i'm pretty sure if I had to bet she will use those pics again.
The thing is though, Even if she uses Pinks' pics or even actual pics of her current cut, she could totally pull off a undercut buzz with it. I can picture it, I just need to find pics that would show this.

Her front and top hair is growing in great and the front is getting longer and is draping over her eye on one side and is really looking great with the side swooping look.
The appointment is 3 weeks off so I dont know how much longer the front will be by then, but Mrs Mac loves how it looks, and most likely wouldnt have the front touched at all.
If it got alot longer in 3 weeks, at the most she would probably just get the end's trimmed in front to keep the shape.
She let it grow pretty long in front last fall, as she didnt have the bangs cut in her 2 Fall cuts last year, and by December hated it. Here's is a pic of how it looked.

 Below: Dec 2011

Mrs. Mac was using Jenna Elfman's cut for reference pics on this cut.
We both agreed it got too long infront. She hated it , she would go in the bathroom and say she is going to get the scissors and cut the long pieces in front off. Ultimately she held off doing it herself and went for her Jan 2012 cut and got the front cut back up to eye level thus ending the "Jenna Elfman Experience" as I like to call the cut
The funny thing is she got alot of compliments last year with the Jenna Elfman cut.
Which brings me to her back and nape currently.
As you saw with the July pics
Pic of nape July 2012 below

As you can see the back is cut  pretty short. The buzzed part goes up pretty high. As I wrote on here I do like how high it was, as it was an unexpected surprise to see it buzzed that high when i got to the salon. And I also liked the slight angle to it if you look from the sides to back the crown portion angles up.
The drawback is there is no shelf or undercut in back.
For me anyway I think the novelty of it being buzzed that high has worn off for me.
It was buzzed just about that high on March, but she got an awesome undercut which gave it a shelf and and overlap where long hair layed over buzzed which not only my wife loved the feel of, It is an awesome feeling to touch for me.
 If your wife or GF hasnt tried an undercut I strongly suggest it.
I could had played with the longer blonde pieces for ever.
Here is the pic we used for her March undercut.

Jenna Elfman's cut has an incredible undercut pretty much identical to this but we could find the sharpest pics to bring to the salon.

Here is a link to a video though of Jenna Elfman from around last year.  Half the interview is showing the back of her hair. The color contrast and undercut is beyond hotness!

I talked to Mrs. Mac about this and told her, as much as I like the back currently I think the undercut, would look even better with her current cut. It also makes sense, if she is growing the front slighly more, it would work having the back longer. Only problem? How do you connect the front to the back, without making the sides longer.
Ah decisions decisions..
Freinds and fellow hair enthusiast
Any suggestions would be encouraged.
My wife has listened to me quite alot over the years in regards on how to get her hair styled, she has also shut me down and showed me ultimately she is the hair boss.
Remember Mrs. Mac is reading your comments and this blog.

I decided not to take any current pics of my wife's hair right now. The back nape has grown in a great deal, but we are going to do a photo shoot showing a 360 view around the first week of September for you all to see how Mrs Mac's hair looks before it's cut.  I thought waiting till right before to show pics and the grow out will make things more dramatic.


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